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Formerly known as Just iStuff.

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We are smartphone, tablet and computer specialists that repair, refurbish and customise your tech! Formerly Just iStuff, the Apple specialists, we now cover all sorts of gadgets and gizmos! Located in the Onkaparinga Hills near Morphett Vale, South of Adelaide, we make it easy to take advantage of our great quality and great price. We are 100% Australian and speak your language, not tech jargon!

Naturally we repair the most common problems with phones and tablets such as broken screens, battery replacements, LCD replacements, software troubleshooting, official unlocking and other component replacements, but we also service computers, with fast turnaround and on site service to fix your problem tech! Check out our Repairs icon on the iPhone on the left to see the services we offer. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, give us a call on 0424 251 486 or email us using the Contact Us page.

We now also service a wide range of other products such as computers, laptops, Apple Macs, as well as Samsung phones and tablets.

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and back all our work with a 3 month warranty for added peace of mind, with extended warranties provided on all PC parts. Click the "Contact" icon on our iPhone to the left to contact us and experience a new level of customer satisfaction without the added price tag!